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Why Anderson?

REDARC Solar portable solar blankets


Why Anderson?


Anderson plugs are common connections for recreational vehicles. REDARC uses genuine industry standard Anderson SB 50 plug connectors across the solar range.


Simple and fast to connect, there is no risk of poor connection - just plug into your portable solar blanket and start harnessing free power from the sun!


Portable Solar blanket and Anderson Plug connection


If it’s not Anderson it’s not genuine!


The most tell-tale sign is that non-genuine Anderson plug connectors will not have the Anderson trade mark.

spot anderson genuine plug


spotting nongenuine plugs

REDARC has full approval to use Anderson plug connectors by Anderson Power Products and do not use counterfeit or copies of these plugs in any of their solar blanket range. 


To read more on this click here.


For more information on Anderson Power Products® head onto thier website. 


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