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What are the new BCDC charging profiles?

What are the new BCDC charging profiles?


As part of our continuous product improvements, over the coming months a change to the BCDC charging profile selection will be rolled out to the market.


The 3 charging profiles; AGM/Gel, Standard Lead Acid and Calcium  will be changed to A, B and C, with a reference to the Maximum Charging Voltage appearing both on the product decal and in the product manual. The image below shows the new charge profile on the BCDC 1225D label.





Due to varying manufacturing processes, changing structural and chemical differences in automotive batteries, labelling the charging profiles using generic battery chemistry descriptions is no longer an accurate way to identify the correct charging profile.


It continues to be the installer’s responsibility to select the correct charging profile based on the battery manufacturers Maximum Voltage specification along with consideration for the temperature conditions the battery will be subject to during normal operation. This is clearly explained in the user manual. It is important to read and understand these instructions before selecting the charging profile.