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Van Life



For many people vanlife means freedom. When life is an adventure, REDARC can get you there and keep you going. Embrace life and wherever it can take you.

Live life where you decide

For some, the view out the back window matters a whole lot more than square meterage. Vanlife is the freedom to park and crawl into bed, the freedom to live life wherever you pull up, the freedom to be on the beach today and in the bush tomorrow.

Whether you’re just starting your vanlife journey or looking to level up your van build, REDARC has a solution. REDARC can provide you with the knowledge and gear you need to set up, get out and go wherever your tyres can take you without having to worry about if your mobile home will hold up. With REDARC gear you can roam from coast to coast and live that here today, gone tomorrow lifestyle.


Trusted by industry leaders


Keeping 4x4 batteries charged at camp with Caravan and Camping Western Australia

REDARC's catches up with Caravan and Camping Western Australia to show how you can keep your 4x4 and caravan batteries fully charged when remote camping.

make coffee off-grid


Make coffee on the road – Explore Tips from Explore 4x4

Matt from Explore 4x4 shows you how you can enjoy a proper coffee on the road with the right 12v setup.

all 4 adventure review off-grid power


All 4 Adventure review off-grid power supply from REDARC

You might not need to travel as far, or as wide as Jase Andrews, but that doesn't mean you can't kit out your camping setup with reliable solar panels that can help deliver efficient charge to your batteries.

Build your dream vehicle and power your perfect holiday with REDARC’s range of power management and battery charging products.

The gear to get you there and back again

REDARC has been trusted to power some impressive rigs that have traversed some impressive landscapes. When you’re ready to take your setup to the next level, REDARC has not only the gear but the knowhow.

How to design the perfect power system

Power is critical to vanlife, there’s no question about it. We’ve made designing a vanlife power setup simple.

design perfect power system

How to power a portable fridge in your 4WD

Are you sick of eating the same old sandwiches and drinking warm beer when you get the chance to hit the road? REDARC are here to help shed some light on how you can power a 12V fridge in your rig.

how to power a fridge in your vehicle

Must have accessories for off-grid living

Power is an essential part of vanlife and we’ve put together a list of some of the top accessories we recommend to people looking to embark on their vanlife journey.

must have accessories for off-grid living

The ins and outs of inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverters are handy devices that can take life on the road to the next level. Allowing you to plug in and power any device or appliance you would use at home without having to find a 12 or 24-volt alternative.

ins and outs of inverters

no limits

where to go from here

Build your dream vehicle and power your perfect holiday or lifestyle to any budget with REDARC’s range of power management, battery charging and towing products.

bms with redvision

The Manager30 With RedVision Display

redvision kit

RedVision Manager30 Kit