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Value Packs

Looking for a REDARC dual battery system or off-the-shelf 12v setup to suit your 4x4, camper or caravan upgrade?

REDARC have a range of value packs to suit any budget, vehicle type, travel style or battery make-up.

Choose from a range of hand-picked product bundles designed specifically to help you get the most out of your adventures.

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REDARC’s 4x4 offroad battery charging kit


REDARC’s dual input 40A In-vehicle DC Battery Charging Kit, perfect for trips ranging from a few days to weeks on end.
$1,000.00 (AUD)

REDARC’s ultimate remote touring battery charging kit


REDARC’s Ultimate 50amp Dual input In-vehicle DC Battery Charging Kit is perfect for larger battery banks and quick charging for extended travel.
$4,145.00 (AUD)

REDARC’s weekend escape lithium battery charging kit


REDARC’s dual input 25A In-vehicle DC Battery Charging Kit with lithium protection, perfect for a weekend getaway.
$781.00 (AUD)

SBI12 and G52-VVA Value Pack


The REDARC SBI Value Pack includes a REDARC dual voltage gauge (G52-VVA) and a Smart Start Battery Isolator (SBI12).
$371.47 (AUD)

SBI12KIT and G52-VVA Value Pack


The REDARC SBI Wiring Kit Value Pack comes with a REDARC dual voltage gauge (G52-VVA) and a Smart Start Battery Isolator & Wiring Kit (SBI12KIT)
$551.19 (AUD)

RedVision Manager30 Kit


REDARC’s TVMSKIT05 features the award winning Redvision TVMS and iconic Manager30 S3 BMS.
$3,186.81 (AUD)