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REDARC Electric Trailer Brake Controllers - User-Controlled, offer an easy to use method of controlling the electric brakes on a trailer. Designed for use with any trailer with electric brakes, the amount of braking force can be adjusted with the turn of a knob.

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Electric Trailer Brake Adaptor for 24V Vehicles

The REDARC Electric Trailer Brake Adaptor is designed to operate a 12 volt brake controller in a 24 volt vehicle.
$218.96 (AUD)

12V Trailer Brake Controller

The REDARC EB Electric Trailer Brake Controller is a 12V self-contained trailer brake controller.
$205.00 (AUD)

Trailer Mount Electric Trailer Brake Controller

The REDARC EBTM is a trailer mounted Electric Trailer Brake Controller
$257.00 (AUD)