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Tow-Pro Accessories

Looking to install a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite brake controller into your vehicle? Simplify, enhance and customise your setup with these brake controller accessories direct from REDARC.

Whether it's a remote head wiring kit, switch insert panel, vehicle specific tow-pro wiring kit or replacement remote head, REDARC has the right towing accessory for your needs.

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Encapsulated Protection Device

The REDARC Encapsulated Protection Device is suitable for both 12 and 24V applications.
$52.53 (AUD)

Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller - Remote Head

The EBRH-ACCV3-RH is a replacement remote head for the Tow-Pro Elite V3 electric brake controller.
$73.55 (AUD)

Tow-Pro Elite Mounting Kit

The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite Mounting Kit simplifies the installation of the main unit under the dash of a vehicle.
$13.85 (AUD)

Tow-Pro Elite V2 - Remote Head

The EBRH-ACCV2-RH is a replacement remote head for the Tow-Pro Elite V2 electric brake controller.
$72.10 (AUD)