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Vehicle Management Systems

Being on the road is great, and now it’s even easier with the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System from REDARC.

Introducing a new level of automation in the 4x4, caravan and RV industry, RedVision brings information and control right to your fingertips.

Switch things like your lights, fridge, TV, inverter and more on or off using the wall display or handy app on your phone.

It even gives you information on water levels, temperatures, and when paired with a Manager30 Battery Management System, you also get instant feedback on your auxiliary battery and electrical system. For the ultimate in dual battery power check out REDARC's range of Lithium Batteries

Finally, it's easy to keep an eye on things when you travel.

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RedVision by REDARC is a Total Vehicle Management System which allows the control and monitoring of multiple on-board devices in a 4WD, caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome in one place.
$2,013.29 (AUD)

RedVision Manager30 Kit

REDARC’s TVMSKIT05 features the award winning Redvision TVMS and iconic Manager30 S3 BMS.
$3,250.55 (AUD)

RedVision Display Unit

The DISP4300-RC can be used as a replacement or secondary display unit for the RedVision TVMS.
$628.39 (AUD)

RedVision Distribution Box

The RedVision Distribution box can be used to upgrade an existing Manager30 system to incorporate full RedVision functionality.
$1,495.00 (AUD)