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Customer Service Tech, Jesse, at REDARC
"Just want to say a huge thank you and congratulations on one of the best customer services I have ever come across. As a business owner myself I know how important good customer service is and I can tell you it hard to find in today’s market. But not at REDARC.

Recently I contacted customer service as I was in the planning stages of a canopy fit out for my ute. I had all the components picked out and although most of the main components I was planning on using where REDARC not all of them were. I wrote to you guys for your input on my planned hardware and to ask if what I had planned would work.

To my surprise I got a phone call the next morning. Not a one-line email but a phone call from a real person who actually knew what they were talking about. He gave me all the options available with the pros and cons and not once tried to sell me anything or change my mind on another company’s products.

To say I was over the moon with REDARC at that point would be an understatement and I hadn’t even bought anything from them yet. But that’s not it, after having the canopy fitted out by a recommended REDARC installer near me and being super happy I had a few questions I couldn’t answer. So, I sent another short email to REDARC customer service and the next morning as I was in the middle of mustering cattle a very nice Jesse rang and left a message to say he was following up on my email and if I still need help to give him a call. That was Friday.

On Monday morning I get another call from Jesse as he had noticed I still hadn’t made contact and wanted to make sure I’d solved all my problems. A 5 min chat with him and all my issues we’re solved.

There were a couple of small screws missing after it had been to the auto elec’s and I asked him if he could check the tech drawings to let me know what size they were so I could hunt some down. Next morning, I get another phone call from Jesse to say he had done one better and found me some, and if I could give him a postal address so he could send them out to me. Blown away.

REDARC you should be phenomenally pleased with yourselves, not only with the quality of your Australian made products, but on your well trained, well informed and great Customer Service Techs. I have put posts up on major 12v and canopy FB pages about my experience with you over the last couple of months and the response has been amazing. Thank you so much, I was already a true REDARC fan but now I’m a lifelong customer. Well done!" - Rob, Victoria