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SmartCharge Accessories

Get the best out of your batteries and your SmartCharge AC Battery Charger from DEFA with REDARC's range of SmartCharger accessories and charging kits.

Increase access to your batteries with these permanently mountable charging cables and kits to maintain perfect trickle charge to your bike, boat or vehicle battery.


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12V Charging Kit

The REDARC 12V Charging Kit is an easily mountable charging cable with 12v input, designed for use with a SmartCharge AC Battery Charger.
$67.00 (AUD)

12V Charging Cable with Ring Terminals

The REDARC 12V Charging Cable is an accessory cable with ring terminals designed for use with the range of SmartCharge Battery Chargers from DEFA
$34.00 (AUD)

12V Charging Cable with Clamps

The REDARC 12V Charging with Clamps is an accessory cable designed for use with SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers
$34.00 (AUD)