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Relax. You're in charge


Whether you have one auxiliary battery or more, you need to know they’re always fully charged, especially if you depend on that power source for the comforts of home.


Both the REDARC Manager30 and the Manager15 have load-sharing capabilities, compatibility with smart voltage alternators and green power priority.


The Manager30 has the additional feature of a lithium charging profile. Want to know how the Manager30 can help you manage your gadgets? let the guys from MATG tell you how. Learn more


Six products in one. Whether it’s The Manager30 with Lithium Profile or the smaller Manager15, they both operate like 6 separate products:


(1) Powering your auxiliary battery from your vehicle while on the move

(2) A 240-volt charger

(3) A solar charger

(4) A dual battery isolator and

(5) A load disconnect controller

(6) A remote battery monitor



six products in one



Remote Battery Monitor Screen


A single-screen, multi-readout format keeps the user fully informed on all aspects of battery management. At a glance information such as Input Status, Battery Charge Levels, Solar power plus more is readily available. This remote screen is a convenient window to available power and allows owners the opportunity to reassure themselves that The Manager is doing its job.



Input status

Displays input sources and power sharing ratio. Displays AC. DC and Solar Data



Battery Charge

Battery Charge

Operates as a battery monitor, displaying charge levels



Type of battery

Type of Battery

This is the output battery select screen. Tailor the charge to suit specific battery types



Input Trigger

Set DC Input Trigger

Allows the user to set the trigger for DC input charging - acts as battery isolator



Load disconnect

Load Disconnect

This new feature allows the user to disconnect loads at a chosen charge or voltage level





Solar regulator screen displays all the necessary data on solar input



Relax and stay in charge with the Manager30 or the Manager15 from REDARC.