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REDARC open its doors to engineering students from Flinders University

mardi 23 janvier 2018

Advanced manufacturer REDARC Electronics continue to further their relationship with Flinders University by providing valuable work placement opportunities for students looking to gain real employment experience specific to their expertise and desired career paths.

At the time of writing, REDARC have three full time mechanical engineering students on placement from Flinders University, working with project teams on a myriad of manufacturing, production, design and defence centric projects.

Two students, Bradley Merrett and Hayden Gordge, have been with REDARC since July 2017 with Nikhil Bechoo having come onboard later in the year.

The students have been working on a variety of projects such as REDARC’s pick-to-light systems,  utilising lean manufacturing principles and focusing on continuous process improvements, cost-saving techniques and aiming to increase production speed in work cells.

In addition to these projects, students have also been responsible for the development and improvement of 5S systems for production and engineering work areas, data analysis based quality improvements relating to product design and investigating opportunities to integrate Sawyer robotic capabilities into existing processes.

Of the affiliation with Flinders University, Process Mechanical Design Team Leader Jacob Brackenridge stated “I, and many other engineers, started our careers through the Flinders work placement program. We experienced first-hand the fantastic opportunity it provides for students to gain experience in the engineering field. This experience, and exposure to the strong culture within REDARC, provides the students with a great starting point for their engineering careers, giving them confidence moving into real-world work situations.  The ability to guide and mentor students also provides a great opportunity for engineers like myself to further develop leadership and managerial skills.”

REDARC’s relationship with Flinders University is a long standing one, through ongoing sponsorship programs, facilitating regular student placements and with a multitude of University alumni now employed at the state-of-the-art Lonsdale facility.

This is a relationship that is very important to REDARC, not only because of the proximity to the University but also because the alignment of the respective core values such as innovation, teamwork, community and technology.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to complete my placement at REDARC. The real-world experience I have gained thus far has exceeded my expectations and I am really keen to complete my final year of University so I can enter the full time engineering workforce” said Bradley Merrett, a Mechanical Engineering student from Flinders University.

“Throughout the interview process the values of REDARC were continuously mentioned and I was thrilled to see every team member did indeed share these values, which produces such an amazing culture that makes the business such a great place to be. The generosity and guidance from all, in-particular my Line Manager's Jacob Brackenridge and Josh Evens, has allowed me to challenge my skillset whilst giving me the confidence to pursue ideas and provide input for major projects.”

To find out more about REDARC’s relationship with Flinders University and other community focused endeavours visit REDARC’s Our Community page.



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