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REDARC now offer a range of RAM Mount solutions

mardi 19 septembre 2017

REDARC now stock a wide variety of RAM Mounts ideal for mounting mobile phones, laptops, GPS units and just about any other electronic device on cars, trucks, boats and even motorbikes.


When it comes to securely mounting devices to your vehicle, flexibility is key and nothing comes close to the possibilities that RAM Mounts offer. RAM patented Round-A-Mount ball-and-socket design ensure anything with the entire range offer industry-leading versatility and ease of use.


The possibilities for mounting adjustments is infinite, and changing the direction or angle of your device is as simple as loosening a single knob. RAM Mounts are suited for virtually any electronic device under the sun and is complemented by an exhaustive variety of bases for affixing the setup to just about any surface.


The REDARC website presents RAM Mounts according to their purpose, they are divided into categorizes relating to their purposes such as phone, cameras, tablets, GPS’s and various RAM Mount components allowing you to create your own solution.


We also stock an array of individual mounting bases and mounting arms that allow you the flexibility to create any bespoke mounting solution to suit your needs.


The possibilities are truly endless and if there isn’t a standard product offering to suit you, your device or your vehicle needs, you can contact REDARC directly for customised ordering and access to the complete range of RAM products.


For more information visit www.redarc.com/ram-mounts

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