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Quality Policy Statement


REDARC is a provider of high quality electronic products and operates a company philosophy of “Customer is King”, committed to achieving “100% customer satisfaction through zero defects”.

REDARC is committed to growing a sustainable business through developing high quality and lasting relationships with, customers, employees, suppliers, regulatory bodies and the community.  This sustainability will be driven through REDARC's commitment to continuous improvement.


REDARC aims to achieve “100% customer satisfaction through zero defects” by:

• Identifying the changing needs of the customers 

• Implementing processes which facilitate customer needs 

• Ensuring products are delivered to market as required by the customer


REDARC believes its employees are central to its growth and providing a product to customers which surpasses their expectations; this is done by ensuring all employees understand they have an important role to play in matters concerning quality, supplier relationships, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. REDARC understands investing in employee training will enable the company to adapt to the changing needs of the customer and is committed to supplying the best possible training for its employees.

REDARC works closely with its suppliers to ensure the highest possible quality of goods are supplied through a sustainable supply chain to market.

REDARC's commitment to continuously reviewing and improving its business is demonstrated by REDARC accreditation to ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and working to relevant regulations to ensure REDARC is providing cutting-edge electronics.


Anthony Kittel
CEO and Managing Director
Date: 5/03/2021