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Portable Power

GoBlock by REDARC is both a portable dual battery system and a flexible portable power station, featuring REDARC’s market leading DC charging technology.

This system is built tough for the most rugged and distant off-grid adventure, yet suitable for practically any vehicle, from cars and vans to 4WDs. It’s also ideal for vehicles that do not have enough room under the hood to install a traditional dual battery system.

With USB, Accessory, Merit, Engel/Fridge and Anderson outputs, GoBlock is ideal for charging your smart devices, phones, games, cameras and drones, as well as powering lights, compressors, a portable fridge and more.

Not all portable power is created equal

This is not a standard 12v battery box, it features the latest lithium cell technology and has been designed to allow for more charge cycles than other portable power stations on the market, ensuring value for money and a longer life span.  

Unlike many traditional battery boxes, GoBlock is capable of operating in a wider temperature range, meaning it will perform in extreme conditions without compromising performance.

As an all-in-one solution, there are no fans or exposed components that can affect the unit. Allowing you to take it from the car to the beach, worksite, family BBQ or campsite without worrying about wind, water, dust or grime. 

With stamina that goes way beyond weekend power or your run of the mill camping battery box, now you can load up and put civilisation in your rear-view for longer.

More than just a lithium battery box

GoBlock offers flexible charge options ranging from 7.5amp AC mains to pre-charge it before you leave the house, or a cigarette socket trickle charge by using the in-vehicle DC Accessory Socket charger. It will also accept up to 50A input from power sources via an Anderson plug, including solar panels and blankets.

This is not your normal 12v battery box, it includes a host of Australian made and designed features including;

- Ultra fast charge capability 

- Flexible 4-way multi-charge

- Intelligent control and app monitoring

- Compact all-in-one solution

- Rugged design 

- Start battery recovery (cables not included)

- Variety of outputs including USB, accessory socket, anderson and merit

- Solar ready


Do away with simple camping battery box setups and unleash portable power with REDARC’s GoBlock.

Good Design Winner GoBlock portable dual battery system

*Dependant on installation type and vehicle alternator capacity

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100Ah GoBlock Portable Dual Battery System

100Ah Australian made lithium portable dual battery system that has over 9 products in tough aluminium housing.
$2,997.00 (AUD)

50Ah GoBlock Portable Dual Battery System

50Ah Australian made lithium portable dual battery system that has over 9 products in tough aluminium housing.
$2,437.00 (AUD)


Provide 50A fast charge and secure docking for your GoBlock portable dual battery system
$495.00 (AUD)

PowerDock Wiring Kit - Terminal Block Install

Connect your PowerDock to your vehicle for fast charge of your GoBlock.
$99.00 (AUD)

GoBlock Smart Battery Recovery Cable

Safely recover your vehicle's start battery when flat using the GoBlock's smart battery recovery feature and cables.
$70.00 (AUD)

GoBlock Inverter Connector Cable

The GoBlock Inverter Connector Cable is designed to make connecting a 350W REDARC inverter to your portable dual battery system a breeze.
$49.00 (AUD)