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Solar Blanket Testimonial

jeudi 11 avril 2013

“We recently took one of the new REDARC amorphous solar blankets with us on our Easter camping trip. Our 4WD Club has a lease of land from The Forestry Commission of NSW. It’s a wonderful setting but it does include a lot of tree cover. With this in mind, I was really keen to put the solar blanket to the test. Normally, using our fridge on about 2˚C, we need to go for a three hour drive every couple of days to recharge the batteries.

To my amazement this blanket - even under tree cover - produced enough power to maintain the fridge, iPad, electric water pump and a CPAP machine (for sleep apnoea)... for five days and five nights! That has to be some sort of record. There must have been at least sixty club members admiring the Redarc amorphous solar blanket.

A couple of the other blokes had traditional bulky glass systems but I was achieving as much power with much less effort. Well done Redarc... that’s a quality piece of technology.

Paul Parmeter Newcastle Land Rover 4WD Club”


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Solar Blanket Testimonial