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Solar Blanket Testimonial (Three)

jeudi 27 juin 2013



I recently bit the bullet and purchased your 150 watt folding solar panel kit. I didn’t read much about it before buying but when I took it home I was surprised at how comprehensive the kit is. I didn’t realise it came with the display to keep across state of charging which I use when charging the second battery in the car.

The panel is solidly built and the legs very sturdy. Good clips hold the panel in its folded state and the bag is substantial. I tried it out over four days when away after Boxing Day and it performed just as expected. Together with my other 80 watt panel I was able to put between 8 and 11 amps into my BMS1215S2. On all days I was able to charge the house batteries fully and I’m now able to run the fridge between 2 and 4 degrees. Previously I was only able to run the fridge at 5 to 7 degrees or it would drain the batteries.

Great product... I am very happy with it.

Thank you REDARC.”


Glenn Marshall via REDARC website


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Redarc Solar Testimonial Three