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REDARC release Showroom AC Battery Charger

lundi 1 juillet 2019

REDARC has released the latest addition of their co-branded DEFA AC Battery Charger range to the Australian and New Zealand market, a 12V 30A Showroom Charger (Part number SBC1230-S).


The Showroom Charger is designed for long-term battery maintenance charging, providing fast battery charge when you need. It is ideal for use in vehicle showrooms, or at home connected to infrequently used vehicles, RV’s, caravans or boats.

When in use, it can be placed under a vehicle, out of the view. The clamping cable is detachable and easily passed through the engine bay. The charger has no fan meaning it is noise free. All of which allows the unit to remain incognito in a vehicle showroom or garage.


The REDARC Showroom Charger by DEFA is based on modern switch-mode technology and galvanic isolation. The charger represents the latest in long-term battery maintenance charging and will maximise the lifespan of a battery. It uses a 7-step charging process to optimise battery performance and longevity.


Designed for use with 12V Lead Acid, AGM, EFB and GEL battery compositions, the Showroom Charger will initially deliver 14.4V to achieve maximum charge, prior to dropping to 13.6V at a maximum of 30A during the long-term charging phase. It can also withstand parallel loads up to 30A while charging the battery. Additionally, it is also spark-proof and fully secured against reverse polarity and short-circuiting.


The Showroom Charger is simple and easy to operate and only has one button and features a user-friendly display for monitoring the battery status. Compact in size and cased in a black anodised aluminium finish, it provides an attractive exterior that complements any modern showroom.


Speaking of its release, Managing Director of REDARC, Anthony Kittel said, “As vehicle technology continues to improve, there is an increased demand for battery support and maintenance. The benefits are clear for not only vehicle showrooms but also home garages, with a safe and versatile battery charger that is able to deliver a quick charge to batteries that may be used infrequently.”


“The Showroom Charger is an exceptional combination of state-of-the-art technology, advanced features and an innovative design. It ensures fast charging and reliable battery performance for dealers, manufacturers and end-users”


This is the latest co-branded product from Norwegian innovator DEFA to be released by REDARC, following the release of the SmartCharge range of AC Battery Chargers in December 2018.


DEFA is an organisation operating out of Billingstad, Norway. Founded in 1946 they employ over 400 staff over 3 continents with products and services distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide.


REDARC partnered with Norwegian manufacturer DEFA in October 2018, the strategic partnership combines two-family orientated organisations who share similar values including a focus on continuous improvement, innovation and most importantly providing customers with great products of the highest quality. They also share a comparable product portfolio centred around charging and power supply solutions for all vehicles.


The Showroom Charger is covered by a 2-year warranty. To learn more visit redarc.com.au/30amp-showroom-battery-charger

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