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COTEK Inverters - Technical Bulletin: RCD and Safety

vendredi 19 décembre 2014

Cotek Inverters Technical Bulletin

RCD and Safety

For an RCD to be effective when used on the output of an inverter, it is essential that there be a link between the Neutral terminal and Earth terminal on the INPUT side of the RCD. This allows the RCD to sense an imbalance between the Line and neutral currents on the output side of the RCD when this is caused by current to earth associated with, for example, a person coming into contact with the Line.

Cotek inverters manufactured prior to September 2012 did not feature this link. The current Cotek inverters (manufactured after September 2012) feature the Neutral/Earth link however the manual was not updated at this stage. Currently the manual for Cotek inverters is being updated and in the interim an insert is being included.

Whilst the latest Cotek inverters are manufactured with an internal link between the “Neutral” pin and “Earth” pin, each inverter should be tested for this when an RCD is to be connected. Alternately, a link may be made between the Neutral terminal and Earth terminal on the INPUT side of the RCD itself.

It is essential that any 240V wiring be performed by a suitably qualified electrician.

For further technical support please call REDARC on (08) 8322 4848 and speak to one of our friendly customer support team.

Please click here to view the COTEK Inverters Technical Bulletin as a PDF.