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Cobot Technology Inside REDARC

jeudi 20 mai 2021

At REDARC, innovation is a value that has always been critical to the company culture. Because of this, implementing new technologies from around the globe means we can keep our product design and production at the highest level. One major goal for REDARC is to become a Smart Factory by 2025, and to do this we need to keep on the cutting-edge of technology. We’re taking a deeper look inside REDARC and the different technologies that keep us at the forefront of production innovation.


cobot technology inside REDARC


Taking manufacturing to new heights


As REDARC’s manufacturing demand has increased, we looked to expand and automate our processes and increase our competitiveness in both the Australian and export manufacturing industry. A key element of this approach was the introduction of several Universal Collaborative Robots or Cobots into our production line. Chosen due to their capability to work safely alongside humans, it made them a natural first step to automating the otherwise manual production process. By automating the most repetitive tasks allows skilled assemblers to focus on the more intensive aspects of manufacturing and enables a more effective and skilled workforce.


cobot robotics technology


Working alongside humans


Placed in the assembly area, the Cobots are used in the assembly, labelling, and transport of PCB boards. Their core tasks include the location and placement of parts in a jig as well as picking and assembly of some of REDARC’s most popular products. The Cobots also assist in the testing process by applying labels and loading and unloading products for testing. They ensure that REDARC products are of the highest quality, providing peace of mind for customers.

Extensive testing and evaluations were done while introducing the Cobots to ensure that the humans working around them were never at risk. While the robotic cell is a first for REDARC, it’s proven that we are a business that can implement new technologies in a safe and effective way for all staff working around them. Having this technology within REDARC, gives staff the opportunity to learn and expand their skillset, contributing to a workforce that is knowledgeable about the latest manufacturing technologies.  




An increased capacity


In terms of the effect they’ve had on production at REDARC, the Cobots have allowed us to significantly increase the efficiency of the assembly and testing of a high volume product without having to make significant change to the current production environment, which may have been the case if we’d chosen more traditional robotics. These Cobots allow production works to maintain a familiar workflow while greatly increasing the effectiveness of the assembly workers.

For more information on Cobot technology within REDARC engineer Mitchell Adams, one of the leading engineers in the project, talks more about the benefits to our manufacturing process. Or learn more about the technology within REDARC and current career opportunities here.


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