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BMS1230 - Technical Bulletin: BMS1215S2 Retrofit

jeudi 15 janvier 2015

BMS1230 Technical Bulletin

Retrofit of a BMS1230 into an existing BMS1215S2 installation

Since the release of the BMS1230 we have had a number of customer enquiries regarding using the existing Remote Monitor cable from a BMS125S2 installation. Though the BMS1215S2 cable has a 6 Pin RJ11 (Telephone plug) Connector and the BMS1230 has an 8 Pin RJ45 Connector, both systems only use the six wires in the middle of the connector. The BMS1215S2 6 Pin connector also fits into the BMS1230 Remote Monitor’s 8 Pin socket.

Though the 6 Pin cable will fit, the six wires on the BMS1215S2 cable are reversed or cross-over type whereas the BMS1230 cable is a standard lead. In order to rectify this difference a modular coupler which is cross-over type and female-female is required. This can be purchased through an electronics components supplier such as Jaycar, see this webpage for details. http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=YT6081

The coupler should be installed on the Remote Monitor side of the BMS1215S2 cable either of the CANBus cables supplied with the BMS1230 connecting from the coupler to the Remote Monitor as per the diagram below. The other side of the BMS1215S2 cable then connects directly into the T-Piece provided in the BMS1230 kit and the rest of the installation continues as standard.

Cross-Over Coupler

In situations where a longer than standard telephone cable has been used (in a BMS1215S2 installation) the installation may be more susceptible to noise interference. If you experience any faults after installation it is recommended to replace the existing wiring with the CANBus cables provided in the BMS1230 kit.

For further technical support please call REDARC on (08) 8322 4848 and speak to one of our friendly customer support team.

Please click here to view the BMS1230 Technical Bulletin as a PDF.