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4x4 Australia review REDARC 190w solar blanket

jeudi 10 octobre 2019

Iconic industry magazine 4x4 Australia put REDARC's 190w sunpower solar blanket to the test.


4x4 Australia REDARC solar review


"These blankets feature solid copper backing with thick connectors for higher efficiency, while the face has an anti-reflective scratch resistant ETFE coating that has a high melting temperature, is non-stick, self-cleaning, and UV and chemical resistant." The article states.

"This REDARC blanket is rated at a maximum of 16.5 volts and 11.6 amps, which works out at a tad over 190 watts... during our test our panel had an output of over 13.9 volts and 8.96 amps, giving 124.8 watts of power. As previously indicated, that difference has more to do with the state of the battery, the regulator in use and the power demand of the fridges."

"Under the right conditions I reckon I could get this panel to deliver what is stated on the spec sheet."

You can read the testing and review in full by downloading the 4x4 Australia article here.


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