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Shaun Whale

If you’re heading bush with a camper trailer, the most important thing to have installed in you 4WD is an Electronic Brake Controller. Watch Shaun from 4WD Action test out the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite.  

Shaun Whale from Australian 4WD Action takes a closer look at REDARC's new In-vehicle battery charger, the BCDC1250D.

Australian 4WD Action review the new range of REDARC portable solar blankets. Take a look at what they have to say.

Toolangi State Forest offers up some of the most picturesque views, and fun-filled tracks for 4x4ing. And Shaun Whale picks the perfect time to camp out during winter when things are nice and quiet. But to make sure him and his team keep warm and energised, just like the batteries in his 12 volt setup, is the REDARC Manager30 BMS.


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When Shaun Whale sets up camp in beautiful, but sometimes testing Australian conditions, he wants a brand and build quality he can trust when it comes to the electronic accessories that keep his 80-series running.

Being Australian made and designed, the REDARC Manager 30 Battery Management System works with all battery types and is the only BMS Shaun trusts to not only survive the harshest conditions in Australia, but thrive in them.

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This perfect REDARC solar setup helps Shaun Whale from 4WD Action enjoy unbelievable camp sites just like Casuarina camp ground in Byfield National Park, Queensland for longer with charged up batteries that let him enjoy all of the comforts of home.

Cod Hole camp ground has some of the best remote fishing around. And with a REDARC 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter on board, Shaun Whale can charge all of his sensitive electronics that are reliant on a constant supply of 240v power.

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Private campsites like this one in Lake Mary, Queensland are exactly the kind of place Shaun Whale likes to setup to get away from it all. And with a 150W REDARC solar blanket on board, even in low light conditions, he can top up his batteries to keep his beers cold and cameras charged.

Norval Park in Bundaberg is coastal camping at its absolute best. And with his 80 Series’ 12-volt dual battery system powered by REDARC, Shaun Whale from 4WD Action has the freedom to stay as long as he likes to camp, fish, swim and get amongst the 4x4 fun without having to worry about losing charge.

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With crystal clear waters that are perfect for a quiet swim, Sam Creek on the old Telegraph Track is exactly the kind of remote camping Shaun Whale is after. And with a green-powered priority BCDC dual battery charger topping up those batteries with the sun’s energy via a simple solar panel input, what more can you ask for when you’re off the beaten track?

In the latest edition of Shaun Whale’s favourite campsites, he shows off a hidden paradise right near Cape Flattery called Connie’s Beach. With endless views come endless possibilities and with the perfect 12-volt setup in his 4WD, utilising solar power and his REDARC battery management system he can stay and enjoy beautiful untouched places like this for as long as his heart desires.

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These picturesque campgrounds just an hour’s drive from Brisbane are the perfect place for Shaun Whale’s and his team to set up and recharge after a big day on the tracks. And with quality products backed by quality components and installation, it helps ensure that he’ll have 12-volt power when he needs it the most.

Shaun Whale has really uncovered a winter wonderland at Mount Sunday in Hakatere Conservation Park. This surreal location is an experience that has to be seen to be believed. And with freezing conditions like this, keeping sensitive electronics charged using a 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is just as important as a roaring campfire.

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Shaun Whale from 4WD Action is in his element when he’s off grid and camping remotely. And in this first installment of Shaun’s favourite campsites he’s on the riverbank at Gummi Falls camp ground, Barrington Tops National Park, New South Wales.

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