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SBI small battery isolators

EDARC's Greg Mitchell meets with Lars Vogel from 4WD New Zealand to explain the differences between a BCDC in-vehicle battery charger and a SBI Smart Battery Isolator.

Pat Callinan reviews the REDARC Dual Battery Systems and gauge range and explains why you need one in your 4x4.

Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia discusses the features and benefits of the REDARC Smart Start Dual Battery Isolator SBI12 with Victorian Area Sales Manager Tim Chivers.

Dual Battery Systems - In this review leading 4x4 expert Pat Callinan provides advice regarding the installation of the Redarc isolator and the location of the second battery to be installed.

Looking to start building your dual battery setup but unsure what charging option you need? Justin from Patriot Campers is here to help explain some key differences between REDARC's SBI and BCDC.

REDARC gave a lending hand during the final build to ensure they had the best but most importantly safest set up for managing, monitoring and charging thier lithium batteries.