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Come behind the scenes at REDARC as Shaun Whale teaches you how to choose the best dual battery setup for your 4WD.

REDARC's Steve Moore talks to HEMA Maps about the benefits of travelling offroad with the Manager30 Battery Management System.

Scott Brady from Expedition Portal and Overland Journal tours the REDARC Electronics facility and gets a closer look at the products that have helped power his expedition across the Great Australian Bight.

When Shaun Whale is in the mood for tackling tracks and camping along the river, he looks no further than Coxs River in the Mount Walker region.

But when he needs to make sure he has all the power to camp and 4wd as he likes to, central to that is the REDARC Manager 30 Battery Management System.

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Justin from Patriot Games TV walks through the only battery management system he trusts in his vehicle and camper builds.

Free camping doesn’t get much better than this. And to help you enjoy beautiful beachside campsites like this morning, noon and night, you’ll need some quality camp lights powered by a dual battery system.

Being Australian made and designed, the REDARC Manager 30 Battery Management System works with all battery types and is the only BMS Shaun trusts to not only survive the harshest conditions in Australia, but thrive in them.

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Matt from Explore 4x4 talks about the benefits of the REDARC Manager30 battery management system and how this has helped power his 76 Series Landcruiser for over 2 years and counting.

The REDARC Manager30 is a 30A state-of-the-art battery management system designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries by incorporating AC, DC and solar inputs, ideal for recreational vehicles, caravans, and camper trailers with multiple battery banks.

For more information, visit the Manager30 product page.

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This video answers your questions on the setup of the REDARC Manager30 Battery Management System, its features and how to access the advanced settings in a step-by-step guide.

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Find out why the crew at Offroad Addiction rate the Manager30.

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REDARC gave a lending hand during the final build to ensure they had the best but most importantly safest set up for managing, monitoring and charging thier lithium batteries.

Discover the benefits of The Manager30 in this short video featuring 4x4 expert Pat Callinan.

Discover the REDARC Adventure Camper Trailer with Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia.

Offroad Addiction TV use REDARC's Manager30 and Pure Sine Wave Inverter to power their trip to the 2017 Polaris NZ1000 Offroad Race

Offroad Addiction TV use a REDARC Manager30 BMS and Pure Sine Wave Inverter on all their tours.

4WD New Zealand stay charged up and out on expeditions for longer thanks to the REDARC Electronics BMS setup.

After a tough day on the tracks, the boys enjoy a cooked meal and some Playstation thanks to their REDARC setup.

Paul from Offroad Addiction TV walks through his fully kitted up touring setup, equipped with REDARC Manager30 BMS, monitoring gauges, solar panels and Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

4WD NZ discuss full power management suite with Greg Mitchell, REDARC's Area Sales Manager for New Zealand.

Perfect for when Jace wants to top-up those batteries while he's off fishing, the REDARC 190w solar blanket when used with the Manager30 Battery Management System take care of his power needs so he can concentrate on the fun stuff.

Going off-road for weeks at a time to some Australia's most extreme and remote locations means there's only one system the boys from All 4 Adventure trust to keep them powered up.

Functionality and reliability are just two of the main benefits of the REDARC Manager30 for 4WD Touring Australia's Carlisle Rogers when he's out capturing some of the most iconic photography ever captured in remote Australia.

Want to know how to setup your 4x4 for outback touring? Join Pat Callinan as he walks you through the setup in his 4WD that allows him to travel further and stay longer.

Living legend Roothy was only ever going to trust one brand when it came to the 12v setup in his recent Milo 2 build, and that's REDARC.

There's only one Battery Management System Matt from Explore 4x4 would trust in his kitted up LandCruiser to help power his popular tv show, The Explore Life.

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Salty Davenport talks to REDARC about his latest journey from Perth to Broome and how our Manager30 Battery Management System enabled him to make the most out of his 4WD's 12volt system.

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Toolangi State Forest offers up some of the most picturesque views, and fun-filled tracks for 4x4ing. And Shaun Whale picks the perfect time to camp out during winter when things are nice and quiet. But to make sure him and his team keep warm and energised, just like the batteries in his 12 volt setup, is the REDARC Manager30 BMS.


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When Shaun Whale sets up camp in beautiful, but sometimes testing Australian conditions, he wants a brand and build quality he can trust when it comes to the electronic accessories that keep his 80-series running.

Being Australian made and designed, the REDARC Manager 30 Battery Management System works with all battery types and is the only BMS Shaun trusts to not only survive the harshest conditions in Australia, but thrive in them.

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Norval Park in Bundaberg is coastal camping at its absolute best. And with his 80 Series’ 12-volt dual battery system powered by REDARC, Shaun Whale from 4WD Action has the freedom to stay as long as he likes to camp, fish, swim and get amongst the 4x4 fun without having to worry about losing charge.

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In the latest edition of Shaun Whale’s favourite campsites, he shows off a hidden paradise right near Cape Flattery called Connie’s Beach. With endless views come endless possibilities and with the perfect 12-volt setup in his 4WD, utilising solar power and his REDARC battery management system he can stay and enjoy beautiful untouched places like this for as long as his heart desires.

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Shaun Whale from 4WD Action is in his element when he’s off grid and camping remotely. And in this first installment of Shaun’s favourite campsites he’s on the riverbank at Gummi Falls camp ground, Barrington Tops National Park, New South Wales.

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Discover how the REDARC Manager30 keeps your auxiliary batteries charged from 240 volt mains power, DC power and solar power.

Paul from Offroad Addiction TV talks about the power management benefits of using a REDARC Manager30 Battery Management System and what the key features allow his vehicle to do to stay offroad longer.