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The Todoing family show us how they get the full benefits of solar for their 12-volt set-up in their van.

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Remote camping at its best on Tasmania’s West Coast. But when Shaun Whale sets up camp in beautiful, but sometimes testing Australian conditions, he wants a brand and build quality he can trust when it comes to the electronic accessories that keep the show running.

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Lush green grass, riverbed camping, room for the dogs and all the fishing to keep you going. When Shaun Whale sets up camp in picturesque locations like Queensland’s Kenilworth Campgrounds he has a 1000w pure sine wave inverter onboard his 80 series to keep the electronic accessories he needs fully charged.

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Matt from Explore 4x4 shows you how you can enjoy a proper coffee on the road with the right 12v setup.

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Discover the features and benefits of the electrical system that REDARC have set up on Carlisle Rogers' vehicle with this demonstration from REDARC Victorian Area Sales Manager Tim Chivers.

Discover the REDARC Adventure Camper Trailer with Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia.

Offroad Addiction TV use REDARC's Manager30 and Pure Sine Wave Inverter to power their trip to the 2017 Polaris NZ1000 Offroad Race

Offroad Addiction TV use a REDARC Manager30 BMS and Pure Sine Wave Inverter on all their tours.

After a tough day on the tracks, the boys enjoy a cooked meal and some Playstation thanks to their REDARC setup.

Paul from Offroad Addiction TV walks through his fully kitted up touring setup, equipped with REDARC Manager30 BMS, monitoring gauges, solar panels and Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

Australian offroad expert Borgy from Camper Trailer Lifestyle explains the importance of pure sine wave inverters and the sizes and variants available to charge your sensitive devices on the road.

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Food on the road can be pretty boring so the boys from All 4 Adventure make sure they pack their sandwich press, coffee machine and REDARC inverter to make meal times a bit more exciting.

Categories: All 4 Adventure, Inverters

Living legend Roothy was only ever going to trust one brand when it came to the 12v setup in his recent Milo 2 build, and that's REDARC.

The Blonde Nomads show us how they make a fresh hot cuppa off-grid. And for more tips and tricks like this, check out the Blonde Nomads on Facebook

Cod Hole camp ground has some of the best remote fishing around. And with a REDARC 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter on board, Shaun Whale can charge all of his sensitive electronics that are reliant on a constant supply of 240v power.

Categories: Shaun Whale, Inverters

Shaun Whale has really uncovered a winter wonderland at Mount Sunday in Hakatere Conservation Park. This surreal location is an experience that has to be seen to be believed. And with freezing conditions like this, keeping sensitive electronics charged using a 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is just as important as a roaring campfire.

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Discover how the REDARC Manager30 keeps your auxiliary batteries charged from 240 volt mains power, DC power and solar power.

REDARC gave a lending hand during the final build to ensure they had the best but most importantly safest set up for managing, monitoring and charging thier lithium batteries.

In this episode of RV Daily's Towing Guide, Pat runs through various caravan power sources, including REDARC's Pure Sine Wave Inverter. 

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