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BCDC in-vehicle chargers

Watch how we help power-up Camping Downunder

Scott Brady from Expedition Portal and Overland Journal tours the REDARC Electronics facility and gets a closer look at the products that have helped power his expedition across the Great Australian Bight.

Leading 4x4 expert Pat Callinan explains the features and benefits of a REDARC BCDC In-Vehicle Battery Charger and outlines the advantages of installing one in your vehicle.

EDARC's Greg Mitchell meets with Lars Vogel from 4WD New Zealand to explain the differences between a BCDC in-vehicle battery charger and a SBI Smart Battery Isolator.

Shaun Whale from Australian 4WD Action takes a closer look at REDARC's new In-vehicle battery charger, the BCDC1250D.

When you're like Macca and the rest of the crew from What's Up Down Under and need to keep your batteries charged and beer cold, the REDARC BCDC1250D has you covered.

If it's worth having a second battery, it's worth having a REDARC BCDC. Tim Van Duyl from Camper Trailer Australia talks about the benefits of an Australian made DC-DC battery charger.

REDARC In-Vehicle Battery Chargers feature technology designed to fully charge auxiliary batteries to a proven 100%. The unique DC to DC charging profile ensures an auxiliary battery is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge regardless of its type or size.

Danny Bosch, who runs Danny’s 4WD Adventures, explains how his set-up has been designed for the ultimate adventurer, and the vehicle accessories he has installed to ensure he has all the essentials.

Matthew Wright from REDARC Electronics discusses batteries, battery charging and the REDARC range of battery chargers and battery management systems.

Pat Callinan reviews the REDARC Dual Battery Systems and gauge range and explains why you need one in your 4x4.

Discover how a fully kitted out Navara STX dual cab 3.0 litre, Turbo Diesel V6 4WD 170kW/550Nm is the ultimate Dual Cab Tourer.

Discover the features and benefits of the electrical system that REDARC have set up on Carlisle Rogers' vehicle with this demonstration from REDARC Victorian Area Sales Manager Tim Chivers.

Learn about the features and benefits of the REDARC Smart Start Dual Battery Isolator and the Remote Head Electric Trailer Brake Controller.

Discover the REDARC Adventure Camper Trailer with Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia.

Rick Huckstepp discusses why he loves to use his BCDC1220 in-vehicle charger from REDARC when travelling across Australia.

4WD NZ discuss full power management suite with Greg Mitchell, REDARC's Area Sales Manager for New Zealand.

Want to know how to setup your 4x4 for outback touring? Join Pat Callinan as he walks you through the setup in his 4WD that allows him to travel further and stay longer.

Matt Raudonikis from the iconic 4x4 Australia Magazine talks about REDARC's high powered 50amp dual input in-vehicle battery charger, the BCDC1250D.

The Blonde Nomads show us how they make a fresh hot cuppa off-grid. And for more tips and tricks like this, check out the Blonde Nomads on Facebook

With crystal clear waters that are perfect for a quiet swim, Sam Creek on the old Telegraph Track is exactly the kind of remote camping Shaun Whale is after. And with a green-powered priority BCDC dual battery charger topping up those batteries with the sun’s energy via a simple solar panel input, what more can you ask for when you’re off the beaten track?

These picturesque campgrounds just an hour’s drive from Brisbane are the perfect place for Shaun Whale’s and his team to set up and recharge after a big day on the tracks. And with quality products backed by quality components and installation, it helps ensure that he’ll have 12-volt power when he needs it the most.

Looking to start building your dual battery setup but unsure what charging option you need? Justin from Patriot Campers is here to help explain some key differences between REDARC's SBI and BCDC.

Matt Raudonkis and Ron Moon from 4X4 Australia review REDARC's BCDC In-vehicle battery charger and monocrystalline Solar Blanket

Steve from Alloffroad 4x4 Adventures TV breaks down what kept him powered up during his recent trip to Fraser Island.

What's Up Down Under show behind the scenes footage of how our In-vehicle Battery Chargers are made.

Roger Vickery from Channel 7's Creek to Coast shows us how he powers his adventures with his Dual Input 25A In-Vehicle DC to DC Battery Charger - BCDC1225D.

In this episode of RV Daily's Towing Guide, Pat runs through various caravan power sources, including REDARC's In-vehicle Battery Charger.

REDARC gave a lending hand during the final build to ensure they had the best but most importantly safest set up for managing, monitoring and charging thier lithium batteries.