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Pat Callinan visits the upgraded REDARC manufacturing facility to find out how our products are designed, engineered, built and tested to ensure they survive and thrive in the toughest conditions around the world.

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RedVision by REDARC is a Total Vehicle Management System which allows the control and monitoring of multiple on-board devices in a 4WD, caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome in one place.


Want to know more about REDARC's RedVision Total Vehicle Management System? REDARC's Area Sales Manager for Western Australia, Scott Montgomery shows Caravan and Camping Western Australia how it all comes together.

Justin from Patriot Games TV walks through the only battery management system he trusts in his vehicle and camper builds.

If you’re heading bush with a camper trailer, the most important thing to have installed in you 4WD is an Electronic Brake Controller. Watch Shaun from 4WD Action test out the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite.  

Stuart Peddle from REDARC Electronics explains the benefits of the REDARC G52-VVA Dual Voltage Gauge installed in Jamie's (from Jamie's Touring Solutions) Defender.

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Pat Callinan explains the benefits of using an Electric Trailer Brake Controller when towing, as well as the Remote Head Electric Trailer Brake Controller by REDARC.

Leading 4x4 expert Pat Callinan explains the features and benefits of a REDARC BCDC In-Vehicle Battery Charger and outlines the advantages of installing one in your vehicle.

EDARC's Greg Mitchell meets with Lars Vogel from 4WD New Zealand to explain the differences between a BCDC in-vehicle battery charger and a SBI Smart Battery Isolator.

The Caravan Camping Industries Association of SA speak with REDARC Managing Director Anthony Kittel about the journey of the business and its deep ties in the caravan, camping and RV industry across both South Australia and Australia.

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Shaun Whale from Australian 4WD Action takes a closer look at REDARC's new In-vehicle battery charger, the BCDC1250D.

RedVision key to All 4 Adventure's new 79 Series build

The RedVision Total Vehicle Management System from REDARC lets you keep a closer eye on things when you travel.

Discover the journey undertaken by Anthony Kittel towards owning and managing REDARC Electronics.

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When you're like Macca and the rest of the crew from What's Up Down Under and need to keep your batteries charged and beer cold, the REDARC BCDC1250D has you covered.

Find out why the crew at Offroad Addiction rate the Manager30.

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REDARC Gauges form an essential part of Offroad Addiction's rig. Find out why.

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Matt Raudonkis and Ron Moon from 4X4 Australia review REDARC's BCDC In-vehicle battery charger and monocrystalline Solar Blanket

Steve from Alloffroad 4x4 Adventures TV breaks down what kept him powered up during his recent trip to Fraser Island.

Interested in solar? Camper Trailer Lifestyle has the latest Touring Tips for all your solar needs when going off-road.

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In this Touring Tips by Camper Trailer Lifestyle, Stuart from REDARC "brakesdown' the award-winning, Australian made Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller. Unmatched in the market, Tow-Pro Elite provides users with two types of braking; Proportional and User-controlled.

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What's Up Down Under show behind the scenes footage of how our In-vehicle Battery Chargers are made.

Roger Vickery from Channel 7's Creek to Coast shows us how he powers his adventures with his Dual Input 25A In-Vehicle DC to DC Battery Charger - BCDC1225D.

Danny Bosch from Danny's 4WD Adventures reviews the REDARC 115W Sunpower solar blanket. For ease and portability, they are the perfect camp accessory for your next trip. 

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Danny Bosch, who runs Danny’s 4WD Adventures, explains how his set-up has been designed for the ultimate adventurer, and the vehicle accessories he has installed to ensure he has all the essentials.

Mr 4x4 gives us his top tips for tackling the Victorian high country. Pat also tells us a few essential places to visit and also gives a few tips on your 4WD!

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Talking solar with REDARC's South Australia Area Sales Manager, Steve Moore at the 2017 South Australian Let's Go Caravan and Camping Lifestyle Show.

REDARC's South Australia Area Sales Manager, Steve Moore talks brake controllers at the 2017 South Australian Let's Go Caravan and Camping Lifestyle Show.

Let Pat Callinan show you how easy it is to use the REDARC Solar Blanket SunPower® Cells for charging your 12v batteries when on the road.

Discover how the REDARC Manager30 keeps your auxiliary batteries charged from 240 volt mains power, DC power and solar power.

REDARC gave a lending hand during the final build to ensure they had the best but most importantly safest set up for managing, monitoring and charging thier lithium batteries.

Discover the benefits of using the new range of REDARC solar blankets, including the red 112W amorphous cell and black SunPower cell available in 115W, 150W and 190W power ratings.

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Discover the features and benefits of REDARC's range of dual and triple function 52mm LCD LED gauges.

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Pat Callinan takes a tour of the newly upgraded REDARC Electronics Manufacturing Facility to discover the changes that were made.

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Find out everything you need to know about solar power, voltage, maintenance and regulation with Matthew Wright from REDARC Electronics.

Matthew Wright from REDARC Electronics discusses batteries, battery charging and the REDARC range of battery chargers and battery management systems.

It is useful to understand the importance of an electric brake controller and how best to use it on your next adventure.

REDARC's Stuart Peddle discusses the REDARC Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller as installed in Jamie's (Jamie's Touring Solutions) Defender.

4x4 expert Pat Callinan discusses the features and benefits of the all-new REDARC Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller for towing campers, caravans or trailers.

Discover the benefits of The Manager30 in this short video featuring 4x4 expert Pat Callinan.

Pat Callinan explains how the REDARC solar panels and blankets can help power your 4x4, off-roading and recreational vehicles.

Pat Callinan reviews the REDARC Dual Battery Systems and gauge range and explains why you need one in your 4x4.

Learn how to calibrate your REDARC Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller with this simple step-by-step calibration guide from REDARC’s Steve Moore.

Discover how a fully kitted out Navara STX dual cab 3.0 litre, Turbo Diesel V6 4WD 170kW/550Nm is the ultimate Dual Cab Tourer.

Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia discusses the features and benefits of the REDARC Smart Start Dual Battery Isolator SBI12 with Victorian Area Sales Manager Tim Chivers.

Carlisle Rogers 4WD Touring Australia presents this video explaining the features and benefits of REDARC Amorphous Solar Blankets.

Learn from the experts with tips and advice on how to get the best setups for REDARC solar products and save money in the process.

Discover the features and benefits of the electrical system that REDARC have set up on Carlisle Rogers' vehicle with this demonstration from REDARC Victorian Area Sales Manager Tim Chivers.

Learn about the features and benefits of the REDARC Smart Start Dual Battery Isolator and the Remote Head Electric Trailer Brake Controller.

Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia takes a tour of the state-of-the-art REDARC advanced electronics manufacturing facility with Stuart Peddle from REDARC.

Discover the REDARC Adventure Camper Trailer with Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia.

Discover the Power of REDARC on your next outback adventure.

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Explore the recently renovated, state-of-the-art REDARC electronics manufacturing facility in Lonsdale, South Australia.

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Pat Callinan from 4x4 Adventures discusses a range of REDARC solar products and the solutions they provide.

4x4 expert Pat Callinan gives advice on how to install and use a trailer brake controller in you 4x4.

Dual Battery Systems - In this review leading 4x4 expert Pat Callinan provides advice regarding the installation of the Redarc isolator and the location of the second battery to be installed.

Rick Huckstepp discusses why he loves to use his BCDC1220 in-vehicle charger from REDARC when travelling across Australia.

Australian 4WD Action review the new range of REDARC portable solar blankets. Take a look at what they have to say.

The team at What's Up Down Under review the new range of REDARC portable solar blankets. Take a look at what they have to say.

Discover the features and benefits of REDARC's award winning Battery Management System.

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In this video we show you exactly which size solar blanket you need for your-off grid requirements with our new range of solar blankets. s

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Redarc Electricité à bord - Redarc est une société australienne, établie depuis plus de 30 ans.

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Pat Callinan explains the benefits and uses of the Smart Start® Battery Management System from REDARC.

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Real REDARC customers review our service and the quality of our Battery Management System.

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In this video, we show you the calibration process on the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite. The Tow-Pro Elite will calibrate itself through Active Calibration as soon as you start driving - its that easy. Watch the video to learn more.

Grant from My Aussie Travel Guide shows you how easy it is to connect and use our new range of solar blankets to charge your 12v batteries while travelling. 

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Pat Callinan takes a tour of the state of the art REDARC electronics manufacturing facility and gives an insight into how your favourite REDARC products are made.

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Pat Callinan discusses the benefits of the REDARC Low Coolant Alarm. 

While other companies tightened their belts, REDARC accessed Australian Government R&D support and continued to invest in innovation.

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Understand the importance of maintaining healthy batteries and why you need to keep them running at an optimum level on your next 4x4 adventure.

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REDARC is excited to pre-release launch information on its Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS), which sets a new level of automation in the recreational vehicle industry by bringing information and control right to the user’s fingertips.

Take a closer look at the functions and features of REDARC's latest innovation, the Total Vehicle Management System. It will revolutionise the way you camp forever!

Watch as My Aussie Travel Guide give their first impressions of the REDARC Total Vehicle Management System.

In this episode of RV Daily's Towing Guide, Pat runs through various caravan power sources, including REDARC's Pure Sine Wave Inverter. 

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In this episode of RV Daily's Towing Guide, Pat runs through various caravan power sources, including solar.

In this episode of RV Daily's Towing Guide, Pat runs through various caravan power sources, including REDARC's In-vehicle Battery Charger.

Offroad Addiction TV use REDARC's Manager30 and Pure Sine Wave Inverter to power their trip to the 2017 Polaris NZ1000 Offroad Race

Offroad Addiction TV use a REDARC Manager30 BMS and Pure Sine Wave Inverter on all their tours.

4WD New Zealand stay charged up and out on expeditions for longer thanks to the REDARC Electronics BMS setup.

When it comes to monitoring their vehicle and accessories, 4WD New Zealand only trust REDARC's range of 52mm gauges.

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After a tough day on the tracks, the boys enjoy a cooked meal and some Playstation thanks to their REDARC setup.

Paul from Offroad Addiction TV walks through his fully kitted up touring setup, equipped with REDARC Manager30 BMS, monitoring gauges, solar panels and Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

4WD NZ discuss full power management suite with Greg Mitchell, REDARC's Area Sales Manager for New Zealand.

Perfect for when Jace wants to top-up those batteries while he's off fishing, the REDARC 190w solar blanket when used with the Manager30 Battery Management System take care of his power needs so he can concentrate on the fun stuff.

Going off-road for weeks at a time to some Australia's most extreme and remote locations means there's only one system the boys from All 4 Adventure trust to keep them powered up.

4WD Touring Australia's Carlisle Rogers talks with REDARC expert Scott Montgomery about the differences and benefits of solar blankets, panels and battery management.

Functionality and reliability are just two of the main benefits of the REDARC Manager30 for 4WD Touring Australia's Carlisle Rogers when he's out capturing some of the most iconic photography ever captured in remote Australia.

The Monocrystalline Solar Blankets from REDARC have completely transformed the way 4WD Touring Australia tackle life on the road. Not only a highly efficient source for power, but being easy to use, compact and rugged mean they're the perfect on-board companion.

Australian offroad expert Borgy from Camper Trailer Lifestyle explains the importance of pure sine wave inverters and the sizes and variants available to charge your sensitive devices on the road.

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In 2018 RedVision was selected as one of Australia's best design innovations by Australia By Design.

Jase Andrews visits the REDARC factory and explores the evolution of power management from the Smart Battery Isolator through to our latest innovation, the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System.

Food on the road can be pretty boring so the boys from All 4 Adventure make sure they pack their sandwich press, coffee machine and REDARC inverter to make meal times a bit more exciting.

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Want to know how to setup your 4x4 for outback touring? Join Pat Callinan as he walks you through the setup in his 4WD that allows him to travel further and stay longer.

Living legend Roothy was only ever going to trust one brand when it came to the 12v setup in his recent Milo 2 build, and that's REDARC.

Matt Raudonikis from the iconic 4x4 Australia Magazine talks about REDARC's high powered 50amp dual input in-vehicle battery charger, the BCDC1250D.

There's only one Battery Management System Matt from Explore 4x4 would trust in his kitted up LandCruiser to help power his popular tv show, The Explore Life.

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Salty Davenport talks to REDARC about his latest journey from Perth to Broome and how our Manager30 Battery Management System enabled him to make the most out of his 4WD's 12volt system.

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Michael Borg from What's Up Down Under takes a closer look at the RedVision total vehicle management system from REDARC.

Pat Callinan and his team have scoured the country and the globe for all the latest in 4WD technology and accessories. And when Pat travels to some of the most remote and harsh locations on the planet, he needs to be able to trust the gear he has on-board to get him there and back safely. Every time.

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Toolangi State Forest offers up some of the most picturesque views, and fun-filled tracks for 4x4ing. And Shaun Whale picks the perfect time to camp out during winter when things are nice and quiet. But to make sure him and his team keep warm and energised, just like the batteries in his 12 volt setup, is the REDARC Manager30 BMS.


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When Shaun Whale sets up camp in beautiful, but sometimes testing Australian conditions, he wants a brand and build quality he can trust when it comes to the electronic accessories that keep his 80-series running.

Being Australian made and designed, the REDARC Manager 30 Battery Management System works with all battery types and is the only BMS Shaun trusts to not only survive the harshest conditions in Australia, but thrive in them.

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The Blonde Nomads show us how they make a fresh hot cuppa off-grid. And for more tips and tricks like this, check out the Blonde Nomads on Facebook

This perfect REDARC solar setup helps Shaun Whale from 4WD Action enjoy unbelievable camp sites just like Casuarina camp ground in Byfield National Park, Queensland for longer with charged up batteries that let him enjoy all of the comforts of home.

Cod Hole camp ground has some of the best remote fishing around. And with a REDARC 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter on board, Shaun Whale can charge all of his sensitive electronics that are reliant on a constant supply of 240v power.

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Private campsites like this one in Lake Mary, Queensland are exactly the kind of place Shaun Whale likes to setup to get away from it all. And with a 150W REDARC solar blanket on board, even in low light conditions, he can top up his batteries to keep his beers cold and cameras charged.

Norval Park in Bundaberg is coastal camping at its absolute best. And with his 80 Series’ 12-volt dual battery system powered by REDARC, Shaun Whale from 4WD Action has the freedom to stay as long as he likes to camp, fish, swim and get amongst the 4x4 fun without having to worry about losing charge.

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With crystal clear waters that are perfect for a quiet swim, Sam Creek on the old Telegraph Track is exactly the kind of remote camping Shaun Whale is after. And with a green-powered priority BCDC dual battery charger topping up those batteries with the sun’s energy via a simple solar panel input, what more can you ask for when you’re off the beaten track?

In the latest edition of Shaun Whale’s favourite campsites, he shows off a hidden paradise right near Cape Flattery called Connie’s Beach. With endless views come endless possibilities and with the perfect 12-volt setup in his 4WD, utilising solar power and his REDARC battery management system he can stay and enjoy beautiful untouched places like this for as long as his heart desires.

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These picturesque campgrounds just an hour’s drive from Brisbane are the perfect place for Shaun Whale’s and his team to set up and recharge after a big day on the tracks. And with quality products backed by quality components and installation, it helps ensure that he’ll have 12-volt power when he needs it the most.

Shaun Whale has really uncovered a winter wonderland at Mount Sunday in Hakatere Conservation Park. This surreal location is an experience that has to be seen to be believed. And with freezing conditions like this, keeping sensitive electronics charged using a 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is just as important as a roaring campfire.

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Looking to start building your dual battery setup but unsure what charging option you need? Justin from Patriot Campers is here to help explain some key differences between REDARC's SBI and BCDC.

Iconic 4x4 expert Pat Callinan unboxes a brand new REDARC SmartCharge AC battery charger.

REDARC’s range of SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers by DEFA are compact, easy to use battery chargers that keep your 12-volt vehicle battery healthy, fully charged and always ready to use. Available in 4,6,8 and 10amp variants, they are perfectly suited for the home and garage.

REDARC are proud to announce the release of our new range of 240V AC Battery Chargers.

REDARC has teamed up with Norwegian innovator DEFA to bring a co-branded battery charger range called SmartCharge into the Australian and New Zealand market. They are ideal for maintenance charging of batteries in a range of automotive applications.

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There’s a range of new, very smart AC Battery Chargers out there. In fact so smart they’re called SmartCharge and are available in 4,6,8 and 10amp variants. Available from REDARC in association with DEFA an international company dedicated to creating great products.

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Camper Trailer Lifestyle brings you the latest Touring Tips with RedVision, total vehicle management system from REDARC. 

Shaun Whale from 4WD Action is in his element when he’s off grid and camping remotely. And in this first installment of Shaun’s favourite campsites he’s on the riverbank at Gummi Falls camp ground, Barrington Tops National Park, New South Wales.

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In this episode of RV Daily's Towing Guide, Pat and his team go over the various acronyms and mumbo-jumbo when it comes to your caravan's various weight ratings.

In this episode, RV Daily cover the different towing accessories required for your towing set-up. 

The Todoing family show us how they get the full benefits of solar for their 12-volt set-up in their van.

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This year has been a big year for REDARC, watch Anthony Kittel, Managing Director show you some of this year's highlights.

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