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REDARC Electronics has been designing and manufacturing electronic products for all types of vehicles and applications for the last 35 years.

With over 250 years combined experience in our engineering department, a purpose-built design and manufacturing facility and a hand-picked production team, REDARC has the capability to conceptualise, design, test and manufacture products from smart relays to complex load sensors.

Our in-house engineering team can customise products to suit any specific requirements. Our state-of-the-art surface mount technology room allows us to manufacture products in large quantities at the consistently high quality level for which we have become renowned.

All REDARC products are tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Our testing equipment has been specifically designed to ensure that all of our products meet the standards required by our most demanding customers... every REDARC product is tested before it leaves the facility.

REDARC offers superior quality reliable products, compared to those products sourced from many overseas markets.

There are many benefits in dealing with local suppliers.

  • Quick reaction time
  • Quality control issues and design changes can be addressed simply, without any barriers

  • Many suppliers require high volumes

  • Design for manufacture and design for testing

  • Customers can interact with our designers

  • Very low volume including one off products


Services we offer;

  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Prototype assembly

  • Through Hole production

  • Surface Mount production

  • Functional testing

  • Optical inspection

  • Environmental & Vibration Testing

  • Complete product assembly


We specialise in both Low Volume High Mix (LVHM) and Medium Volume Low Mix (MVLM) to cater for a wide and diverse client base.

Some of the wide range of technology driven industries we supply to are:

  • Automotive
  • Communications

  • Mining

  • Industrial Electronics



REDARC has established a reputation as a reliable on time quality provider that has given us a track record of repeat customers.


Explore the REDARC facility in 3D