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lundi 18 décembre 2017

Advanced Australian Manufacturer, REDARC Electronics has been sponsoring staff to attend the Japan Lean Tour for the last five years and says the Tour is invaluable for bringing new ideas and insights to the business.

This year, REDARC sent Production Improvement Support manager, Paul Savage and Procurement Team Leader, Lea Maguero to attend the Japan Lean Tour facilitated by Shinka Management.  Over 7 busy days, Paul and Lea toured many Japanese manufacturers that are leading Lean principles into the business.

The Lean Tour educates participants on the philosophy of minimising waste by solely making what is needed, when it’s needed, through the use of Just in Time manufacturing. The results of such processes allow these businesses to create more value for their customers whilst using fewer resources.

Lea said, “The tour provided a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Lean as a very efficient management and manufacturing tool, but also as a way of life for the Japanese. Their culture is amazingly intricate and rich, and being immersed in it certainly helped understand the big picture behind the Lean Philosophy.”

In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, REDARC says it needs to further enhance its continuous improvement philosophy.  REDARC Managing Director, Anthony Kittel says that they have been able to achieve success over the years because they have established a culture where employees are committed to learning and embrace training.

“We actively encourage and support personal development at REDARC, through TAFE, University, post graduate degrees or attending industry conferences and seminars that are pertinent to their roles.

“One program we have always found value in, is the Japan Lean Tour which we have partnered with Shinka Management to facilitate and look after our staff as they learn about Lean manufacturing principles from the best in the world”, said Anthony.

Shinka Management builds on a 24-year track record of helping Australian industry increase productivity through Japanese lean management practices. Shinka Management specializes in lean consulting and has been running lean study missions to Japan since 2007. 

Over the years, REDARC has sent staff from various departments including those in Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, SMT, Quality and Business Improvement and Production Support. 


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