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How to wire the REDARC BMIS with European alternators

Using the REDARC BMIS with alternators that need to have their field wire switched to ground during shutdown


The ‘European’ Alternator (Bosch) is not accommodated directly by REDARC’s Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) in its current state.


This is because that type of alternator does not shut down properly unless the field is grounded during shutdown.


The BMIS (both the 4PN and 4PP variants) disconnects the field from its supply but does not ground it.


For this type of alternator to shut down correctly with a BMIS, it requires the addition of a suitably rated change-over relay to switch the field over from supply to ground during shutdown.



wire battery master isolation switch alternator



The diagram should be read in conjunction with the “Field Isolation Connection” on page 10 of the REDARC BMIS Manual.


Any further questions please contact the REDARC technical support team via phone or email.