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Install twin tube lights with an RFL



Can the REDARC "RFL" series fluoro inverters be used to drive twin tube light fittings?




The effect of trying to run a twin tube light like this is that only one tube would ever light.Two tubes set up in a twin tube fitting are "parallel". They cannot be driven this way by the RFL inverter. The reason is that the RFL starts with a high output voltage until the tube "strikes", then the tube current loads the inverter down to a lower voltage, suitable for running the tube. If two were setup in parallel, the first tube to strike would load the inverter output down so that there is insufficient voltage to strike the second tube.




Is there any way to run two tubes off one RFL inverter?




Two tubes can be run in "series". This requires significant rewiring of the fitting and should only be attempted by a competent tradesman.

NOTE: As with all inverters producing high voltage, care must be taken during installation/wiring.


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