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How to fit a Tow-Pro Wiring Kit to a Toyota Kluger

Installing a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite into a Toyota Kluger



These instructions relate to the installation of the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite into a Toyota Kluger using the the TPWKit-013 wiring kit.


Step 1


The single-core fused (BLACK) wire runs from the battery through the main vehicle grommet ahead of the passenger.


Tow-Pro Kluger Entry Point 


Start by cutting tip of internal nipple then feeding cable-tie through to outside.


Toyota Kluger Tow-Pro Stearing


From outside, tape single-core fused (BLACK) terminal to the cable tie and pull back through.


The twin-core RED/BLUE comes from the towbar trailer connector, and shares the towbar harness grommet at the rear of the vehicle.


Remove the rear cargo area trim pieces indicated.


Tow-Pro Kluger Storage Box


Locate rear grommet (Towbar wiring) - under LH rear storage box (A) in cargo area.


Pull towbar grommet inwards and untape. Cut away (carefully to avoid damaging wiring) a small length of the corrugated tubing to allow the wiring to run freely through the grommet.


Kluger Glovebox tow-pro install


Feed terminated end of twin-core RED/BLUE wire from outside (leaving EPD and WAGO/boot connector outside) through grommet. At end of installation, retape securely.


Run cable forwards on passenger side under scuff trim to glovebox area.


Step 2



Attach bracket to Main unit as indicated.


Tow-Pro Kluger Main Unit


To the right of the removed glovebox, connect the Power connector and Remote Head connector and slide the Main Unit behind the lower centre console.


Tow-Pro Mounting Bracket Kluger


Secure the bracket (and WHITE Earth) to the indicated location using the supplied M6 nut and bolt.



Download this tech tip as a PDF here or check the REDARC range of switch inserts and Tow-Pro accessories to find one that matches your vehicle.