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How to fit a Tow-Pro Wiring Kit to a Toyota Hilux & Fortuner

Installing a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite into a Toyota Hilux or Fortuner



These instructions relate to the installation of the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite into a Toyota Hilux or Fortuner using the the TPWkit-013 wiring kit.


Step 1


Locate and remove small grommet outboard of main harness on passenger side.


Tow-Pro Hilux Fortuner Entry point


Use supplied 16mm grommet - feed both single-core BLACK and twin-core RED/BLUE through (as indicated) and feed into passenger footwell.


Tow-Pro Hilux Fortuner plug


TIP - you can dislodge main harness grommet (2) to aid feeding wires (1) around carpet slit, as indicated.


Step 2


Fit Main Unit on bracket as shown.


Tow-Pro Hilux Fortuner Mounting


Bend the tip as shown - secure to existing vehicle trim fixing indicated (area to the left of glovebox cavity).



Download this tech tip as a PDF here or check the REDARC range of switch inserts and Tow-Pro accessories to find one that matches your vehicle.