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How to fit a Tow-Pro Wiring Kit to a Holden Colorado

Installing a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite into a Holden Colorado



These instructions relate to the installation of the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite into a Holden Colorado using the the TPWKit-013 wiring kit.


Step 1


Locate and remove entry grommet rearwards of front left wheel (looking rearwards along body with splash-shield removed).


First, route terminal end of fused BLACK wire from battery along indicated path; the fuse will not pass through holes.


Use supplied 25mm grommet - cut end off both nipples and feed both twin-core RED/BLUE and single-core BLACK from outside to in - terminated ends.


Tow-Pro Colorado Entry Point Install


Note - externally, twin-core RED/BLUE runs down and along chassis to rear.


Step 2


Inside the cabin (looking at left of glovebox area).


To assit feeding wires, undo fixing indicated and dislodge large connector from large panel hole.


Tow-Pro Holden Colorado Glovebox install


Step 3


Fit bracket as shown below, and using supplied M6 nut and bolt, secure Main Unit using indicated hole in structure, including including EARTH (WHITE) terminal.


Tow-Pro Holden Colorado Main Unit Mounting


Download this tech tip as a PDF here or check the REDARC range of switch inserts and Tow-Pro accessories to find one that matches your vehicle.