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How to check earth connection on utility vehicles

Earthing issues on late model utes explained


As vehicle manufacturers bring out more advanced technology, cabling and connections are more modular and innovative. The classic ‘chassis ground’ connection for earth is now not always the case and special attention needs to be made when wiring in aftermarket equipment to your vehicle.


This tech tip relates more so toward the REDARC BCDC and Manager30 products, click here for Tow-Pro Elite advice.


Particular care needs to be taken when installing devices into new age utility vehicles, as most have their cabins and tubs on rubber mounts and while are bolted firmly to the chassis, don’t make a good electrical connection back to the start battery.


rubber mounting pointsRubber mounting points: The enemy of good earthing


Another issue that can be found is the use of very light earthing points, some that are rated to small loads and bigger ones that are rated to heavier loads. This can make connection difficult and may seem as though a ‘good’ connection, where it may not be rated enough to handle your connected load.


good earth connection
A good strong earth connection


a potentially poor connection
A potentially poor connection



Another good tip for making a better earth connection is the clean back the paint that is on the chassis where you are connecting the wire or lug. This could be done with a steel brush or scraper to ensure that the join has ‘metal on metal’ contact.



connecting earth lead
Paint has been cleaned away when connecting earth lead


no paint cleaned away
No paint cleaned away, bad connection



For further assistance contact the REDARC technical support team here.