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Change Modes on your Tow-Pro

How to change between user controlled and proportional modes on the REDARC Tow-Pro


Changing between modes requires the user to complete the following process:


NOTE: Changing modes can only be completed with the trailer connected.


NOTE: Ensure the vehicle has come to a complete stop before beginning the mode change process.


1. Set the knob to 0

2. Apply vehicle brakes

3. Double-click the knob (i.e. two pushes within 1s) to toggle the mode

4. Release vehicle brakes


NOTE: Ensure you adjust the knob to a suitable setting for your driving conditions and vehicle/trailer combination once mode change is completed.


Everytime the vehicle is turned on, the Tow-Pro™ will start up in the mode that was last selected, providing the black wire has remained connected to power/battery positive.


Tow-Pro Change Modes