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How to connect BCDC Chargers in parallel

Connecting REDARC BCDC Dual Inputs in parallel


For batteries requiring a higher charge rate than REDARC's 25A or 40A chargers, the good news is that up to 4 BCDC-Dual chargers can be used in parallel.

Both wiring diagrams below are suitable depending on the installation requirements. Appropriate fuses should be used (fuse sizing depends on the charger size).

BCDC-Dual chargers feature a fault detection mode which ceases the charging output if the battery is removed; it is important to note that this does not function when BCDC-Dual chargers are used in parallel. The result is that BCDC-Dual chargers in parallel may continue to run a load indefinitely or until the BCDC turns off due to the inputs falling below the turn off thresholds. Before commencing work on loads connected to the auxiliary battery, ensure that the BCDCs have ceased charging so that the load is not powered by the BCDC even with the battery is disconnected.


Connecting BCDC Dual Inputs in parallel


  • Power wires and fuses must be appropriately sized to suit the current rating of the charger(s) and cable length.
  • The chargers should be installed in areas which receive airfl ow. Refer to the user manual for further information.
  • The Solar input Positives (A) should not be connected in parallel.
  • All chargers should be set to the same charging profile.

1. Refer to the battery manufacturer’s data sheet to ensure the battery can accept the combined maximum charge currents from all chargers whilst at operating temperature (e.g. Engine Bay).

2. - BCDC1225D: 40 Amp fuses (as found in REDARC FK40 Fuse Kit)
    - BCDC1240D: 60 Amp fuses (as found in REDARC FK60 Fuse Kit)


This tech tip detailing how to connect dual input BCDC's in parallel is also available as a PDF.

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