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Heavy Vehicle Safety

Maintain important OH&S standards and improve safety for your drivers and fleet with REDARC's range of Australian made heavy vehicle safety equipment.

In the event of a heavy vehicle rollover, the dangers extend beyond the initial impact as the vehicles electrical system can spark, starting fires from leaking fuel or exposed dangerous goods.

Designed to safely isolate batteries in 12v and 24v applications, REDARC’s Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) and Roll Over Sensor (ROS), have reliable performance and safety at the forefront of their design.

Ensure AS2809 and ISO requirements and compliance

When utilised in unison, the BMIS and ROS enabling heavy-duty vehicles to meet AS2809 roll-over sensing requirements. The ROS works hand in hand with the BMIS to automatically shut down the vehicle’s engine and all electrics when a dangerous angle of more than 45 degrees is reached, minimising the chance of a spark. 

The BMIS and ROS feature an ISO26262 rated dual redundancy system to avoid false triggering and comply with stringent industry standards including the latest Australian Dangerous Goods Standard AS2809;2020.

Protect any vehicle fleet or industry

Applications for the BMIS and ROS stretch far beyond Dangerous Goods vehicles, as any vehicle that rolls over whilst power is running has the risk of an electrical spark that could cause a fire. The BMIS and ROS are indicative of REDARC’s focus on providing safety solutions for the heavy vehicle industry in Australia and internationally.