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HBA1224 Hand Brake Alarm Wiring Guide Update

How to correctly wire a REDARC Hand Brake Alarm


In addition to the supplied user manual, the following instructions and wiring must be observed for the HBA1224 hand brake alarm:


The grey wire is capable of 0.5A max; for loads larger than 0.5A it should be used to drive a suitably rated diode suppressed external relay.

Always use relays with diode suppression.


REDARC HBA1224 Wiring Guide Update

Please note that a combination of the two wiring diagrams (Positive Door switch and Positive Handbrake Switch and Negative Door Switch and Negative Handbrake Switch) may be used to suit vehicles with either positive and negative handbrake switches, or negative door and negative handbrake switches.


This wiring guide is also available to download as a PDF.