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Saturday, 12 June 2021 8:44:53 PM

Special Version of BCDC1240 for Trigano Groupe in Europe?

one month ago
#13971 Quote
Hello Experts,
i've just got my new camper van and it is equipped with a BCDC1240 according to the label on it. But is has a yellow solar cable and the LEDs are as with the 'D' versions of this.
Now my questions are?
- does this one have a MPPT also with it?
- how to restart it? because the dealer who added a LiFePo Aux battery to it, did not change the charge profile by connecting orange and green cables, as instructed and now the box shows hardware failure with blinking 'state' and 'vehicle' LEDs
Thank you very much
one month ago
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Hi Wolfgang,
To allow me to give the most accurate answer, would you please let me know the exact part number and serial number of that product.
Regards, Lex.
one month ago
#13979 Quote
Hi Lex,
thank you for your help.
I think the PN is BCDC1240-002 and the Serial is 2010042856-0041 or 2010042656-0041

Hope this brings us forward.
one month ago
#13981 Quote
Hi Wolfgang,
If that unit has a YELLOW wire, that is the input for a solar panel. To restart, I suggest you disconnect it from inputs & output (leaving the black earth wire connected) for a minute then reconnect.
Regards, Lex.
one month ago
#13984 Quote
Hi Lex, does that mean with the yellow solar cable it has also the MPPT build in?
What is the difference to the 'D' version of it?

one month ago
#13999 Quote
this is really helpful for me, thank you for sharing
15 days ago
#14082 Quote
As the LED's on my 1240 are indicating an internal hardware error, may it be, that this signal is because of a fully charged LiFePO4 battery? As it seems, that the 1240 functions ok as long as the battery gets charged by either the engine or solar panels.

Thanks in advance
12 days ago
#14095 Quote
Hi Wolfgang,
What exactly is the flash pattern you are getting? If all LEDs are flashing once every 3.5 seconds, I suggest you restart it: disconnect red, brown, blue & yellow wires (but not the black wire) for a minute then restart it. Please let me know if you get the same indication again.
Regards, Lex.
11 days ago
#14100 Quote
I have double checked once more with the manual and it seems the dealer interprets the flashing LED s in the wrong way and it shows just the most right LED is blinking in a 2 sec rythm and that would be ok as the LiFePO4 battery is fully charged.
Thank you for the support, much appreciated on my side!
The dealers should be much more educated on the products to prevent from misinterpretation... :)
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