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Sunday, 9 May 2021 8:04:38 PM

Manager 30 where to position shunt

25 days ago
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Hi, I'm installing a Manager 30 into a new camper trailer. I will be using a double pole battery isolating switch to switch everything off when in storage. My question is about the relative positions of the isolating switch and the shunt in the negative cable from battery to the Manager 30. Do you recommend the shunt is between the battery and the isolating switch, or between the switch and the Manager 30, or doesn't it matter? The isolating switch will be about 1.5m away from the battery, if this makes any difference.
Thank you.
25 days ago
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Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your post.

If wanting to kill power completely from the batteries, ideally you would place the Isolator switch between the Battery Sensor/Shunt and the battery connection. This would ensure the Manager30 and all loads in the system will be shutdown.

I trust this has answered your question in full. If you are still requiring assistance, please call us on REDARC Tech Support on 08 8322 4848.

Best regards,
24 days ago
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Thanks for your quick reply.
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