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Saturday, 12 June 2021 9:50:28 PM

Battery discharge

2 months ago
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I have a new van with a 2000w redarc inverter and associated control panel. I disconnected the lithium batteries to beef up their position in the box. On reconnection the panel asked what type of battery i was connecting, there were various codes, i had to guess as lithium wasn't an option? What option should I choose?
Batteries charged okay under solar, however as a trial run before our trip north next week I rate devices TV , aircon etc to test the battery resilience, as expected the batteries discharged at a moderate rate. I then connected to 2340v but the panel would not accept the 240v input. I have tested the power input, and searched the control panel but I can't highlight the external power link. Despite putting the panel into storage mode the compressor fridge continues to run as a consequence my batteries are now flat. Would my battery option guess be part of the problem and how do I get the panel to accept the external 240v power to charge the battery.
Im getting nervous as we are heading off next week.
Thanks, Garry
2 months ago
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Hi Garry,
I was not able to determine exactly what REDARC product(s) you have and some of your questions seem to indicate you have one of the BMS range, however you have not specified which one. To ensure we can give you an accurate answer, I recommend you call REDARC Tech Support on 08 83224848 6AM to 7PM (Adelaide time) Monday  to Friday, when you can access your REDARC products.
Regards, Lex.
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