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Sunday, 18 April 2021 3:07:22 PM

Redvision Water Tank Level stuck on empty

one month ago
#13725 Quote
I have a Vista RV Crossover with the Redvsion and Manager 30 units fitted.  
Today I filled the water tanks, they have been empty for about 3 months.  The problem is the water level gauges on both the Redvsion App on my Android phone and the Redvision Display Unit in the van still show empty.  I have "shaken" the van in case the sender units may have been "stuck" but no result.
Any ideas?
one month ago
#13727 Quote
Hi Tim,
I am wondering if the stainless steel probes have accumulated a film of deposit from the water over that time, insulating them from conduction through the water. I suggest you take one of the probes out and wipe off any such film that may have built up. To test the TVMS box, I suggest you remove a probe plug and link the two left most of the 5 pins and see if it gives a "Full" reading on the appropriate tank display on the screen.
I trust this has answered your question clearly. If you have any further queries, please feel free to post again or call REDARC Tech Support on 08 83224848
Regards, Lex..
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