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Sunday, 18 April 2021 3:55:41 PM

REDARC Fixed solar panels in partial shade

one month ago
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Hi, I have an older version BCDC1225 charger, with manual solar input. The unregulated solar panel (Yingli 60W - Poly crystalline I think ?)) is permanently fixed to my  ARB roof rack on the Ford Ranger. A heavy duty twin cable connects the panel via Anderson to the solar input to the charger of my tub mounted Aux battery. I manually plug it in only when I need it to run an Engel in the back of the tub whilsts parked.

I'm about to upgrade to a BCDC1240, and while I'm at it fit a larger capacity solar panel to the roof rack - probably a 120W - and the Redarc fixed panels seem to be competetive with the better panels on the market, and it would fit width ways on the rear of the rack.

But if I strap my (longer Mal) surfboard and sometimes other stuff on the rack and its possible that the board could partly cover the solar panel at the rear by maybe 10 or 20% of its surface area.

Q. How do the REDARC  fixed panels perform for output when they are in PART  shade ?
I've heard it said that for some types of solar panels, if they even get a small portion of shade, then half or even full power production can be lost ? Has to do with how the panel segments are internally wired apparently(series or parallel and number of banks) ?  

Have REDARC got any figures or specs on output under various shade scenarios, inlcuding "solid" shade, or dappled light  ?

one month ago
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Hi Cliff,
All mono and poly crystalline panels are significantly affected by even partial shading and depending on which way the shade runs, even a roof rack bar can  can make a big drop in available power from a panel. Redarc amorphous panels ( are not as significantly affected by partial shading or low light conditions as crystalline ones.
I trust this has answered your question clearly. If you have any further queries, please feel free to post again or call.
Regards, Lex.
one month ago
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thanks Lex
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