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Sunday, 18 April 2021 3:41:11 PM

Failed to read bus

one month ago
#13704 Quote
Dear Andrew,

What I did :
1) I changed all the cables. nothing changed (failed bus)
2) I tried several times with my iPhone XS (failed bus)
3) I tried with an old Blackberry (Android) from a friend (failed bus)
4) I tried with and without data connection (GSM), I tried with Wifi on and off ... and I tried with location (GPS) ... and it worked ! Comment : on my iPhone I see that the App use the location ... can it be the location security ?
5) I made some changes in the program and it failed again.
6) I tried several time and than it come with an update of TVMS (see IMG_3254.jpeg). After a while it was blocked and see IMG_3256 to IMG_3259.
7) I tried again and the update TVMS like IMG_3254.jpeg came again and it worked.
8) I made some changes in the SW and I could send it to the system. YES !
9) I connected my iPhone and it didn't worked and after two times it worked and it seems to be now stable.

Any idea ?

It was not the cable and in my opinion the location (GPS) can be something to follow ... otherwise :
- On the DB view I have a strange voltage IMG_3285.jpeg but on the other view IMG_3283.jpeg it is correct.
- I had a French sign "é" on the description of a channel see IMG_3263.jpeg. Possible code problem ?

Waiting for your feedback or if you need more information, please tell.

Thanks and Best Regards

one month ago
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Hi Thierry,
Thanks again for that detail explanation.

One thing we have seen once before with the white patches on the display is to disconnect the BMS from the DB and re-program the display. After this, plug the BMS back in and then re-program again. However if this has already cleared itself, then this is good news!
The location settings are definitely required when setting up/using the app so this could be where the issues lie for most of this.
If we are getting that strange voltage still from the house battery reading, I am thinking the DB or the Battery sensor of the BMS is faulty.

if you can monitor these for me Thierry and see how you go, let me know if anything changes and we can look at replacing certain components where required.

Best regards,
one month ago
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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your comments.I am interested in the official procedure in case of such a problem with the display. For the problem of GPS location, is it true that it is more "critical" with iPhone than Android? What do you use in case of difficulty? In the future if I install this on customers, which is the goal, I must be "up to date" and not lose 2 days to find solutions.

Should I open a new topic for the voltage issue?

Here some pictures, I changed once the display for above house and under vehicle ... IMG_3272 and IMG_3277

On the other side you can see the voltage of the vehicle of the DMS is correct IMG_3283. Seems to be the battery sensor of the DB.

I have other priorities to finish my prototype before the spring of the northern hemisphere :) I suggest that I finish the tests and familiarize myself with the system and will come back to you, because to show this to the customers it's not great  (I take off this voltage view anyway ;) )

See you soon,
one month ago
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and the picture sorry

one month ago
#13712 Quote
Hi Thierry,

Normally we don't see this issue with the display, but am also working through with our Engineering team at the same time to work out whats happening here.

Location settings are critical we have found mainly for the Bluetooth connection and its success. I believe when you first download the Redvision apps it asks (on iPhone at least) whether you want to enable Location settings for the app; this is where you select yes and turn it on. Android is a little different I believe; you may have to go into the phone's settings and activate it manually.

The swapping of the '65.5V' reading is what's also concerning me. Speaking to my colleagues here, they think potentially it might be a poor earth.
What I would get you to check is the earthing for the solar panel input and also the Digital I/O connector. It may be worth trying to re-locate these connections as a test to see if this fixes the issue. My initial thought of the Battery sensor not reading correctly would not be due to a faulty unit internally in this case, especially as the results keep changing.

I will send an update when I receive one from my Engineer too, hopefully early next week we can get this all fixed up!

Best regards,
one month ago
#13715 Quote
Hi Thierry,

Had a good chat with my Engineer just now.
He has mentioned the following things to look into, which should (hopefully!) solve most of our problems here:

1) With the communication issues - potential failure point could be the 'T piece' splitter. This what splits the Battery Sensor cable and the cable to the DB from the BMS. If you can, it might be good to replace this part. As long as it is a straight through splitter, not a cross-over type it will work well.

2) 65.5V reading - There is a glitch where the voltage channel reading will show as 'full scale' if the connection is not made, but is displayed on the screen. I would check over the vehicle connection + and - wires to the Digital I/O connector. Also, check in the Configurator under 'Display', 'Status Screen', 'Distribution Box' and the Voltage channels settings at the bottom of that menu; it needs to be set to have something in each one (1 and 2).

See how you go with that Thierry and let me know!

Best regards,
one month ago
#13717 Quote
I will order an RJ45 splitter and I will keep you informed. It is true that the one delivered is a little "light". In the new product there is no need of the splitter right ?

For the strange tension, I'll take a closer look at this and do some voltage measurements. As you can see on the picture, the mass of the vehicle leaving on the DMS and DB is the same. . On which input is taken the voltage on the DMS?

Remark : I don't cable the ground for each consumer, but I put common ground for the outputs 10 and 30A.

Very good weekend,

one month ago
#13721 Quote
Hi Thierry,

Indeed the new 'S3' model BMS has two RBUS ports on it, so no need for this splitter.
The cables do look nice and heavy, so shouldn't think to be a problem there. The DB reads the auxiliary battery voltage/BMS voltage from the Battery Sensor probe and reports back to the system from there and will display the information of the Redvision screen.
Any additional voltages you want displayed are wired into the Digital I/O port on the DB and can then be setup to display.

A common ground setup is fine for this setup too, as long as feeds back to the DB eventually is no problems!

Let me know how you get on with the new splitter when you have installed it and we can see how we go.

Best regards,
one month ago
#13729 Quote
I am wondering if you are able to also post some pics of your setup (wiring showing distribution box, screen and BMS connections) also? The more detail the better is always good!
one month ago
#13732 Quote
Hello, I already did. Andrew see them for the bus problem and It seem that the problem began with the GPS localisation and maybe bat communication on the splitter. At the moment it is still working.

Are you speaking about the voltage ? If yes I propose to open a new topic ?


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