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Monday, 25 May 2020 8:03:46 AM

BCDC1250D and loads/chargers connected

one month ago
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I just want to start off by saying how happy I am with my new setup (BCDC1250D, 360W solar and 280Ah AGM battery).

I have a few questions so please bear with me and forgive me if they have been answered already (I did do a few quick searches).

Q1. I saw an article ( where it stated that basically if the battery was flat that the BCDC wouldn't recognise a battery and not charge it. My understanding is the BCDC will charge and recognise a battery as long as it is above 4V DC, is this correct?

Q2. Is it safe (ok) that my Waeco fridge (or other dc appliances/loads) are connected while the BCDC is charging the battery (as there are higher voltages and amps going into the battery at this time), does this affect these loads?

Q3. I have read it is ok to charge the battery with a 240V battery charger while the BCDC is connected without it causing any problems to the BCDC charger, is this correct?  Secondly not a specifically a Redarc question but related to Q2 - will/can this have a negative impact on the 12V loads connected at the time.

Thanks in advance.

one month ago
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Hi Clinton,

Thanks for your enquiry and glad to hear you are stoked with your new install!

In regards to your questions, please see my responses below:
1) The current model BCDC 'D' range of charger need to have a minimum battery voltage of 4.2v to recharge successfully. If you were under this voltage, you would need to find a 240v charger to bring them up over this, then you would be good to go again.

2) It is perfectly fine to keep any devices connected to the battery whilst the BCDC is charging. When the charger is set to the AGM profile/Profile A setting, the output is 14.6v, which is generally fine for most products to run on. However, it is best to check the input voltage range or any product connected to ensure it can handle the voltage that the BCDC is outputting.

3) It certainly is fine to have a 240v charger connected to your auxiliary battery when a BCDC is also wired up to it. As long as the BCDC is not currently charging when the 240v charger is on, it will work well. Otherwise, either one of the chargers will get confused and will go into 'float' prematurely. No harm will come to either the BCDC or 240v charger. Definitely no impact to your 12v devices connected to the battery either at this time (same as Question 2 answer).

I trust this has answered your question in full. If you have any further enquiries, please either reply to this post or ring REDARC Tech support on 08 8322 4848.

Best regards,
one month ago
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Thanks Andrew for your detailed and timely response, very much appreciated.