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Monday, 25 May 2020 7:35:55 AM

Manager 30

one month ago
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Hi installing a Manager 30 and Revolution 100 ah LD Lithium battery into a Tray On, tray back camper. Replacing an AGM battery.
Camper has two power inputs: 240v and Anderson plug. Anderson plug connects to vehicle or solar blanket.
What is the best way to wire the Manager 30 (ie which input to use) for the single Anderson plug input supply? Thank you. As Manager 30 is not permanently connected is Ignition circuit required? (ie source from Anderson plug when connected to vehicle only??)
one month ago
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Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your enquiry.

The Manager30 has separate inputs for both Vehicle and Solar, so would be best to run 2x Anderson plugs. Depending on whether your vehicle has a smart alternator or not, would depend on the need for the ignition wire. We also have a Tech Tip on how to determine this:
If your vehicle does not have a smart alternator, you can set the Manager30 to be in 'Auto' or '12v' mode and it will then turn itself off at 12.7v and on at 13.2v automatically.

I trust this has answered your question in full. If you have any further enquiries, please either reply to this post or ring REDARC Tech support on 08 8322 4848.

Best regards,
one month ago
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Thank you Andrew
Vehicle is 2016 Hilux so yes has variable voltage alternator.
I'm having an auto electrician do the Manager 30 + Lithium install, I'll get them to wire in another Anderson plug for the solar blanket.
Should the auto electrician have any questions while doing the job can they contact RedArc by phone?
one month ago
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Hi Gordon,

Absolutely they can! We are currently open from 7am to 8pm Adelaide time to answer any technical enquiries you or they may have.