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Monday, 25 May 2020 8:06:47 AM

Bcdc1240d input over voltage

one month ago
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Hi ,I have a bcdc1240d mounted in my 200series with a 250watt fixed solar panel and the charger keeps coming up with input over voltage fault .
Is there any way I can reduce the voltage coming out of the panel or is the panel to big for the charger

The panel Works great with the redarc solar Reg on my camper ,but when I put it to the dcdc it goes in to fault mode
Any suggestions

one month ago
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Hi Ben,

Thanks for your enquiry.

I would be interested to see what the panel voltage is when the fault code is displayed on the BCDC. The solar input on the BCDC has an voltage open circuit (VOC) specification of between 17.5v and 32v. This can be measured by disconnecting the panel from the BCDC and measure voltage straight in the back of the panel, when it is in full sun. If the voltage you measure sits outside the specification mentioned above, the panel will need to be replaced with one that sits inside that range or use a solar regulator that has a wider range.

I trust this has answered your question in full. If you have any further enquiries, please either reply to this post or ring REDARC Tech support on 08 8322 4848.

Best regards,