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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 12:30:31 AM

Battery type

9 months ago
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Hi team,
I'm struggling to figure out the correct battery setting for my BMS1230, which is housed in our camper with dual N70TX MF Century attached

I'm unsure if i should be selecting AGM or lead for this type of battery, could you please advise.

Greg H
9 months ago
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Hello Greg

Thank you for the enquiry.

I would recommend you set the profile on the BMS1230 to Lead-Acid for the N70TX MF. This profile will work well with that battery.

I hope that helps Greg.

Kind Regards

Todd - REDARC Help Desk
9 months ago
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Thanks Todd

I'll recheck the BMS for the battery type; I'm pretty sure i have it set to Lead-Acid.

We are experiencing a problem where the BMS will report a dry cell, when left in storage mode for longer than a approximately a week.

We've noticed through various testing that the second battery doesn't seem to charge as well as the first battery, the "maintenance window" in the battery suggests its not charged.

However connecting just one battery with a battery size of 95AH the battery charges and behaves as expected.

Any suggestions ?

I have shared a diagram of the wiring as an image via one-drive

9 months ago
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Hello Greg.

How are the batteries wired? The charge / load cabling should be split in such a way that all the positive cables should be wired to one battery, and the negatives to the other. This ensures even charge and discharge across both batteries (very common mistake to have everything wired off one battery). If my suspicions are correct, the "problem" battery would have been the one with nothing wired to it (except the cables from one battery to the other). Please fell free to call me on 08 8322 4848 to discuss if required.

Kind Regards
Todd - REDARC Help Desk
9 months ago
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Thanks Todd

I'm 99% certain that i have the battery wired in the fashion you have described. feel free to check out the diagram at!AjZMDLQapDgJgZsViFMohXfRlARMmw

I'll recheck next time i have the camper open and can better access the cabling.