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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 1:34:01 AM

1225D DC to DC Charger--low input voltage error

10 months ago
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I just installed the 1225D per instructions.  I'm getting the 5 flashes error code indicating "input under voltage".  The main battery is at 12.6 before turning on the car.  When I start the car, the alternator is pumping in 18 Vs.  I have a Jeep with a Premium Power Welder so the alternator doesn't have a voltage regulator attached.  It is attached to the welder because when you turn the welder on, it disconnects the alternator so you can weld on the vehicle without damaging the alternator.  It seems that if I take the fuses out and re-insert them, it starts working properly for a while.  Any help will be appreciated.  The main battery uses the ground of the house battery.  WOuld this make a difference?
10 months ago
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Hi Bruce

Thank you for your post

For queries such as this, as it doesn't sound like a standard installation, I recommend contacting the REDARC Technical help line on 08 8322 4848 with a multi meter in hand and access to the charger.
The information supplied is somewhat unclear, and rather than the back and forth by forum post,  your query may be able to be answered in a simpler way through a conversation and over the phone testing.

Alternatively, as your query is quite install based, REDARC strongly recommends you consult with a suitably qualified Auto Electrician as it is advised that components be installed/modified by an experienced person. To assist you with this, please see the link below to find your nearest installer.

10 months ago
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Thanks, but if it will help the forum, I figured out the problem.  The Premier Power Welder has a voltage sensing wire (VSW) that needs a solid 12V connection on the positive battery terminal of the main battery in order to sense the voltage in that battery.  It then directs the alternator to send more voltage if it reads low.  In my case, I had attached the voltage sensing wire to the House Battery buss bar instead of the Main Battery to keep all auxillary power off the Main.  So the Welder and the REDARC 1225D was sensing low voltage, directing the Welder through its attached voltage regulator, to send 18V, and at the same time the REDARC was sensing "Input Under Voltage (Battery)".  Everything worked fine when I reattached the VSW to the Main Battery.  Thanks for you help.